Saturday, January 29, 2022

The Druid

 Artist's Notes:

For once I wanted to use my skills for good rather than I tried to draw my DnD OC. He's based of a character in a 2nd Edition DnD campaign I played years ago, who in turn is based of a character archetype I try to play in almost every game. 

I think everyone who plays RPGs has a character archetype they gravitate towards. When I was very young, I loved the idea of half-elves, probably because as a child of immigrants I identified with the concept being being between two cultures and not quite being fully beholden to either. I also like the archetype of wizards, as being a nerdy, scrawny kid I found solace in the idea that smarts could be powerful too.

Nowadays, the archetype I almost always end up playing are druids. If the game allows it, I'm going to cram a druid-ish worldview or character into it. I like the idea of being spiritual but not religious and the physicality of primal nature. I'm also not a furry but the idea of being a shape-shifter is kinda pragmatically attractive. Why be a warrior when you can turn into a bear? Why be a rogue when you can turn into a cat? Why be bound to the ground when you can turn into a bird?

I wish the current world left me more time for such escapism.

The specific character was a druid who focused on shape-shifting. The character wasn't very strong, or very smart but had a high WIS and CHA. He was the only druid in a campaign filled with clerics and the DM wasn't familiar with the class or the wild-shape ability so it was very by-the-book rules and the 2nd Edition rules were both complicated an restrictive. I think the rules were that he could turn into an animal three times a rest but only once for each animal category (mammal, bird or reptile) and his gear didn't change with him. As such clothes and weapons were irrelevant to the character, and I played him as clad only in rough furs.

Regarding drawing - life remains too distracting to indulge in it much. At this rate I'll be averaging 3-4 drawings a year which is obviously not really enough to grow and develop.  I found I was beating myself up about this and I've had to remind myself that I'm doing this for pleasure and so to just...enjoy it when I can. I still can't draw backgrounds for peanuts but I like how this picture in general has turned out.


  1. Very hot, love how soulful and pensive this Druid looks…as though he can feel the pain of the wounded bear that made those tracks.

  2. Very hot.
    Low dangling huevos in this stud!

  3. When will we see anymore updates from your amazing art? Missing some handsome muscle dudes with hairy pits and mega dangling nuts!